Guitar Notesfoil

GuitarNotesfoil is a completely new concept for guitarists to learn the notes on the fretboard. 

The most obvious difference from other solutions is that this foil is glued on the back of the guitar neck, it offers many advantages over types glued on the front:

  • Notes are really readable while playing
  • semitones are marked with squares, so that it remains clear
  • since only one foil is stuck on, the protrusions of the stickers do not interfere with hand movement
  • remains stable and does not move on the neck
  • the sticker does not interfere with the recording of tones and intonation
  • the foil is not visible to the spectators
  • can be removed with one movement (no need to remove many small stickers)
  • the printed notes do not wear off
  • quality product, made in Germany

Both the brand name GuitarNotesfoil and the design are protected by license, therefore the original and the best quality is only available under this brand name!

We also produce foils for classical-western electric guitars, basses and ukuleles in all scales. The product range is constantly being expanded.

Practice makes the musician, have fun playing!

Guitar Notesfoil | What is it?